Become an Accredited TR Member

Sep 21st, 2016

What is an accredited TR member?

As part of the accreditation the NLCE understands that in order to be able to overcome problems like anti-social behaviour we need to be able to share data on tenants who are a constant problem, as well as protecting the majority of good tenants from anti-social neighbours whilst at the same time recognising them and offering them a good tenant history for their exemplary tenure.

Partnered with, landlords have the opportunity to upload and check on circa 500,000 tenant histories that have been referenced and uploaded by genuine landlords previously over the last 8 years. The databases consist of both good and problem tenants and give members an insight into a tenant’s history in a previous tenure.

Once subscribed to landlords are able to carry out full tenant referencing, plus credit histories, tenant history, plus checking a tenants Right to Rent in the UK AND the use of the free property management portal and maintenance reporting system to make sure their property administration, certification and management is constantly kept up to date.

The answer to better communities and better housing is accreditation for landlords, to learn responsibility in offering others a home and to show that they understand their lawful duty. Landlords need to be able to prove their ability for compliance to ongoing management legislation and for that the NLCE and its partners can offer them the tools to make sure they can maintain and carry out their duties in compliance with the law.

Click here to find out more about the TR Group or give them a call on (freephone) 0800 9994 994.