CPD Training

constant-knowledge-brings-us-constant-wealthContinual Professional Development.
Individuals accredited with the National Landlords Code of Excellence (NLCE UK) will be re-accredited after 5 years providing they:

  1. ☆ Continue to be a ‘Fit and Proper Person’
  2.  Have complied and continue to comply with the NLCE Code of Conduct
  3.  Have taken steps to maintain and update their knowledge, by obtaining a minimum 10 points per year since their accreditation date
  4. Pay the re-accreditation fee applicable at that time. (Currently 1/3rd the amount of the fee for attending the one day ‘Accreditation Development Seminar’)

The Code of Conduct states that individuals must maintain and improve their knowledge of current relevant legislation and good practice. This is commonly known as ‘continuing professional development’ (CPD) and the Scheme requires members to gain a minimum 10 “points” each year of the membership to satisfy these requirements.  It is not intended to be too onerous.

PLEASE NOTE: Members will be required to attend at least 1 NLCE CPD seminar PER ANNUM over the 5 years of their accreditation. 2.5 of the NLCE Membership Code

CPD will be awarded for the following memberships and activities:

Activity Conditions Guide to CPD points awarded
Membership of Private Landlord Association or membership of recognised professional body that has an enforceable code of conduct and encourages good practice. CPD awarded for each membership year. Additional CPD will not be awarded for multiple memberships in one year. 5 points/year
Additional seminars provided by NLCE. CPD awarded for each session attended. 5 points/session
Attendance at your local council or other landlord forum or event. CPD will be awarded for each event attended. 5 points/event
Seminars on topics relating to landlord tenancy issues, Housing Act, Property improvement and other relevant topics Details to be submitted to NLCE for approval. Number of points will depend on hours committed and level of relevance. 2-5 points
Completing modules on the online learning facility of the National Landlords Association or the Residential Landlords Association. Points are allocated on completion of each module. A maximum of 10 points can be gained by this method over 5 years
Local Authority participation (Responding to questionnaires, taking part in landlord forums and feedback sessions etc.) Each Local Authority will determine which events will be awarded CPD and how many points will be awarded per event and advise NLCE accordingly. CPD certificates to be awarded by the local authority 1+ point

Conditions of obtaining CPD with NLCE:

Landlords/agents must retain evidence of attendance at events and activities as these may be requested at time of re-accreditation or at “spot checks” – Local Authorities should issue CPD certificates to individuals who participate in their events.

  •  Landlords need to send their CPD certificates to the scheme to be re-accredited after 5 years has elapsed from their attendance at the NLCE professional development seminar.
  •  Penalties for provision of false information or misreporting may include expulsion from NLCE.
  • If insufficient CPD undertaken in the 5 years leading up to re-accreditation then the individual will need to reapply for accreditation, attend and pay in full for the NLCE ‘Accreditation Development Course’.
  • A letter of recommendation from a tenant, which includes confirmation that the landlord has complied with the Code of Conduct, may also contribute to CPD. The tenant would need to be willing to provide their contact details and a copy of the signed lease.

Additional activities may be awarded CPD points, but are subject to approval by NLCE. Any requests for CPD to be awarded for activities other than those included above should be submitted in writing to:

Email: enquiries@nlceuk.co.uk

Registered office address: NLCE National Landlord Code of Excellence Limited, 4 Highbury Parade, Highbury Rd, W-s-M, North Somerset, BS23 2DW.

Web: www.nlceuk.co.uk