Do you have damp & mould in your rental property? THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

The Fitness for Habitation Bill has been passed and will be in effect from
20th March 2019.

It includes DAMP and we all know what a contentious issue that is! How is it created, tenant or landlord?

How will you prove it?…

We have many simple damp solutions to tell you about, including a supplier of a special solution to wipe it down, special paint that won’t allow mould to grow and positive air ventilation systems at reduced rates.

Get in touch if we can help!

What does ‘unfit for habitation’ involve?…

The amended s.10 provides as follows:
In determining for the purposes of this Act whether a house or dwelling is unfit for human habitation, regard shall be had to its condition in respect of the following matters

  • •  repair,
  • •  stability,
  • •  freedom from damp,
  • • internal arrangement,
  • • natural lighting,
  • • ventilation,
  • • water supply
  • • drainage and sanitary conveniences,
  • • facilities for preparation and cooking of food and for the disposal of waste water; in relation to a dwelling in England, any prescribed hazard.

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