DEREGULATION ACT 2015, 3 year grace period almost over…

It’s coming like a high speed train
and most landlords are still on the steam engine! 

The DEREGULATION ACT 2015 was a game changer for the Private Rented Sector and introduced many changes that make it much harder, if not impossible, to evict a tenant using a Section 21, no fault, eviction notice.

What many landlords don’t realise that looming on the horizon (October 2018) is potential disaster if you want to use Section 21 to evict. The new rules and regulations that only applied for tenancies AFTER October 2015 become applicable to ALL TENANCIES this October 2018.

Currently if a landlord wishes to issue a Section 21 and hadn’t complied with the rules (EPC on viewing, Gas Safety Certificate before move in, Right to Rent Guide etc) they can literally serve all the correct documents today and then issue the Section 21, 2 days later. From October there will be no ways to remedy not issuing the correct paperwork as the law states that ALL tenancies will come under the 2015 Deregulation Act rules.

There are technical legal arguments to be made about when/why/what was served but do you have the extra few months and money to pay a property lawyer to make those arguments? Our advice is, there have been so many changes and there is so much conflicting advice and confusion, it is better to just issue ALL your current tenants with all the documents prior to October 2018. Belt and Braces approach.

To find out more detail the NLCE are holding a 2 hour CPD course on this subject on Thursday 26th at 2pm & a re-run on Tuesday 4th September, BS24 9AA.  Just £25 each for NLCE accredited landlords or £40 each for non-accredited. For more information visit or email .

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