Review of Housing Conditions in the private rented sector in North Somerset


North Somerset Council are now publicly consulting on an area-wide policy that states if your properties are held within a designated area and you are NOT accredited your properties will be inspected.

The National Landlords Code of Excellence was formed over 12 months ago to work with North Somerset Council. It is our strong belief that the majority of landlords are decent and want to do the right thing. and North Somerset Council, working together to develop a better solution to selective licencing in ‘central’ Weston-Super-Mare private rented housing areas. A one day accreditation and networking course gives comprehensive training on all areas of being a landlord. This is followed by Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses throughout the year to ensure your knowledge is up to date. Legislation has changed dramatically over the last five years and keeping abreast of the changes has become very difficult.

Licencing is not necessarily a bad thing, but Selective Licencing is. It selects an area and points to it as being ‘deprived/poor/antisocial’. All landlords have to pay a fee even if their properties are in pristine conditions. Insurance in the area increases, mortgage companies are not as keen to lend, property prices fall and the real rogues are rarely found.

Therefore we urge you to share your views, comments and ideas on the Review, by sharing your opinions here: Please join us and increase our voice in the area. We have over 1100 properties accredited which will NOT be inspected by the council.

We suggest that you open this link (click) and this link (click) as separate tabs in your browser, so that you can read the review and then answer the questionnaire accordingly.

Those who do not walk towards education and training will be inspected and the council will come down hard on any issues, as they would have given the landlord the choice to become accredited.

The consultation will close at 5.00 on 30th January 2018.

Stay educated – Get accredited!

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