FREE Universal Credit CPD training for Landlords

*SAVE THE DATE* for our second CPD course set to be held from 12:30-4pm, Weds. 15th November on the 2nd floor of The Imperial, WSM.


Network with other landlords and learn how easy it can be to take tenants on Universal Credit (we will even give you hot drinks and sandwiches, we all love a free lunch).

Local representatives from the DWP will be presenting an intensive afternoon on welfare reform via Universal Credit (UC), which is VERY important for local landlords to understand as it’s just gone live in the North Somerset area.
PLUS, a short talk on The Ark Passport Scheme; a brand new solution to help more benefit assisted and low income tenants secure private rented accommodation – working in collaboration with North Somerset Council.
Accredited NLCE landlords will receive 5 CPD points for attending. Agenda: (CLICK HERE)

– Even if you don’t rent to tenants claiming benefits this course will help you, as many working tenants will still be claiming Universal Credit.

– The market can change at any time and you may have to rent to tenants claiming state benefits at some point so better to know all the tricks of the trade now.

Please get in touch ASAP and book your place as we expect this course to be very popular and there are limited spaces available. So please email ASAP. 

You can also RSVP via facebook, here:


ACCREDITED MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: As set out in our Membership Code, our policy states that you must attend a MINIMUM of 1 NLCE accredited course per annum.
Some of you are approaching your 1 year anniversary, so it’s important to attend this course to retain your accredited status. Please get in touch for further information.
What is Universal Credit? UC affects tenants who claim Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance, Working and Child Tax Credits or Housing Benefit. With all these changeovers proving complex and impacting on many parts of benefit claimants lives, those claiming the aforementioned benefits will eventually see their benefit replaced by one single benefit ‘Universal Credit.’

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