‘Stop blaming landlords’

Last weeks Weston, Worle & Somerset Mercury Opinion Page:

I am writing in response to ‘More help for private renters’ submitted by Alan Rice, ACORN.
Stop blaming private landlords for everyone else’s mistakes.
Most private landlords want long-term tenants; the cost of changing tenants is high.
Many landlords across the UK are being forced to evict tenants through sustained attacks from Government policy.
The new tax law Section 24, fundamentally taxing landlords on turnover, not profit, will bankrupt many landlords.
Rents are already increasing all over the UK just to be able to pay the increased tax, and many landlords have to sell.
This ‘landlord bashing’ has to stop, the UK government did a good job of getting rid of social housing and actually private landlords have provided the majority of rented homes over the past 20 years.
You get rogue tenants as much as you get rogue landlords, the law is very heavily weighted to the tenant and it can take up to six months to evict a tenant from a property, landlords cannot afford to provide free housing, and more to the point why should they?
Six-month Assured Shorthold Tenancies are the standard in law and they automatically roll over at the end of the six months if neither party has given notice.
The main reasons tenancies end is where there has been non payment of rent or antisocial behaviour.
Yes, more social housing is needed but that is an issue to take up with the Government, currently they are destroying the private rented sector before they have alternatives in place.

NLCE Ltd, Weston

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