More Landlords recognising the value of accreditation

Over the last 5 months 41 landlords have completed a vigorous training and accreditation scheme in North Somerset, which they believe will protect good tenants and enable their local authority to effectively target ‘rogue’ landlords across the district.

Since the first National Landlords Code of Excellence (NLCE UK) training day took place in November 2016 over 50 local landlords and letting agents have joined the scheme, with 11 more becoming accredited last week bringing the total accredited members to 41.

Our unprecedented scheme allows tenants to report property maintenance/repair issues as well as anti social behaviour problems within their residential community. Primarily this ensures that the criteria for the Deregulation Act 2015 is met, as well as stopping spurious claims from tenants; that they have reported a repair and the landlord has not responded and vice versa.

Those that attended our one day course on February 15th 2017 were able to learn more about housing tenants and complying with legislation in the private rented sector, delivered by a veteran landlord trainer.

Rob Crawford, Chair of the Association of Local Landlords Wessex Ltd (All Wessex), attended the NLCE training day in January;
‘The accreditation course covers all aspects of letting private residential properties, everything a landlord needs to know! Presented by Don Robbie, all attending were encouraged to share their experiences. Don is very experienced within the private rented sector and was able to communicate all aspects of letting and property management and the many recent legislation changes in a clear and concise way. 
Either as a refresher for experienced landlords or a good grounding for new landlords, the course will without doubt prove to be an invaluable confidence builder to landlords wishing to be recognised as responsible and competent in delivering a good and legally compliant service to their tenants.
As the Chair of All Wessex I am keen to develop our relationship with NLCE. NLCE activities compliment ALL Wessex’s own professional development and net-working meetings that we hold on a regular basis, like ALL Wessex, NLCE are a local organisation that understand issues affecting local landlords.’
The next NLCE training day is set to take place at The Imperial in South Parade, WSM on Wednesday 26th April ’17.
The code was set up in response to NSC’s plans to introduce a selective licensing scheme in Weston-super-Mare town centre last year.
Those interested in attending should join at